Fungus as your background

Use the current image

For most people using Windows, you can set your wallpaper directly from Netscape or Internet Explorer. Right-click on the fungal colony you want and choose "Set as Wallpaper" from the menu. You may also adjust the image, with the "Fullscreen plus" feature, from the "Add-a-spore" page.

MS Windows

You will require Windows 98 or better and Internet Explorer.

Select and copy the following code . . .

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="300">
<TITLE>Fungus Background</TITLE>

Open Notepad, or any other editor, and paste the code. Save the file where you can find it, such as your desktop, and call it fungusbg.html. Next you need to choose this file as your background. "Right-click" on your desktop and select "properties" (Display Properties). Click on "Browse", find fungusbg.html, click OK and OK again. If you are asked to turn Active Desktop on, choose Yes.

Linux, X11R6, wget and xv

Create this script...


cd /tmp
while true; do
	rm fungus.gif
	wget -ofungus.gif
	if test -s fungus.gif;then
		xv -root -wait 0 fungus.gif
	sleep 20m

The script should be executed in the background from your ~/.xsessionrc script.

Please do not use a delay shorter than 5 minutes; this will cause the fungus to evolve too quickly.

Fungus Options and other OS's

The idea is to get the image from The first letter determines the colony, A through F. This is followed by an optional size multiplier, 1 through 4. Other useful options include L for an interesting "lighting" effect, v... to adjust the brightness (0 to 100) and s... to adjust the saturation (0 to 100). Note: Do not put spaces in the request.

A .. FChoose colony, this must be the first letter, default "A"
QRandomly choose colony, this must be the first letter instead of A through F
1 .. 4Size multiplier, must be the next letter, default "1"
v...Value (or brightness) as a percentage, default 100
s...Saturation as a percentage, default 100
Icause fungus to Itterate, default is not to
Ladd Lighting effect

The background for this page is

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