Hangman - Help

To Start a Game...

Select one of the links labeled New Word. The game will randomly select a word for that catagory. This word will be displayed as a series of dashes, one for each letter.

To Play...

Select a letter from the alphabet table. If the letter is in the hidden word, the letter will appear in the hidden word and the letter in the alphbet table will turn green. If the letter is not in the hidden word, another part will be added to the hangman figure and the letter in the alphabet table will turn red.

End Game

If you correctly guess the word, one letter at a time, the hangman will do a little dance. If, however, you cannot guess the word and the hangman is completed, the stick figure will be hanged.

Hint, Hint

If you are really stuck, you can select hint from the alphabet table. The game will randomly reveal a letter. There are two catches; you only get one hint per game and a part will be added to the hangman.

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